Dog Boarding - Inside Arden Kennel

Inside Arden Kennels

At Arden Country Kennels we understand that all dogs are unique and have their own distinct personalities and needs. That is why we take the time to get to know your dog, to ensure that he/she has a safe, fun and stress free visit with us. Our calm relaxed attitude helps to further reduce the anxiety that your dog may be feeling.

Our state of the art facility features 8 spacious stalls that are heated and air conditioned , and a 1500 square foot fenced play area along with 25 acres of fields for long walks. Our computerized pet management system helps to keep track of your dogs important information i.e. diet, feeding times, medication, allergies and veterinary information.

Our professionally designed stalls feature a solid stainless steel panel system that has been designed to provide the highest level of hygiene and safety for your dog. Smooth surfaces, double locking doors and no nose to nose contact with other dogs, helps to reduce stress and prevent injury. Our kennel is cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants.

We DO NOT use bleach which can irritate a dogs delicate nose.

Exterior Dog Pen of Arden Country Kennels

Our large outdoor run provides plenty of space and shade for our boarders to run around and play in. The eight foot high fence, which is buried one foot in the ground makes this a secure area for our boarders.

Our kennel is located 15 feet from our home and one kilometer from the road. This provides a peaceful, quiet and relaxing environment for your pet, with lots of space for long walks in the country

Dog play field at Arden Country KennelsDog backyard of Arden Country Kennels