Nicole Barrett
October 21st, 2017: Our boy Gus is almost 4 months old now and is such an amazing dog with a supberb temperament. Everyone he meets comments on how beautiful, calm and smart he is. Due to us living on the east coast of Canada, we were not able to meet Sue and her amazing dogs. However after reading all the positive reviews and speaking with Sue on the phone, we quickly trusted Sue to provide us with a loving dog and we have not been disappointed! Sue provided lots of advice and support even after the dog has left her care. She is an ethical breeder who truly wants to better the breed. We highly recommend Arden Country Kennels to anyone looking for a stunning dog.
Lindsay Eimers
October, 7th 2017: Our boy Dutch is now 3 months old and we couldn't be anymore in love with him. He is beautiful and strong and so incredibly smart. He's like a sponge for learning tricks and commands and absolutely loves to please. His disposition is incredible. He is so great around other people, dogs, and small children. Susan really knows what she's doing as far as breeding dogs with a good temperament. We get compliments on how beautiful he is from absolutely everyone we see. I would definitely purchase another dog from Susan.
Elizabeth Burry
June, 18th 2017: "As long as I can remember I have dreamed of owning a German Shepherd. We loved our 2 rescue dogs for almost 14 years but sadly since being pet-less for 8 months I searched the web for a reputable breeder in hopes of finding my dream GSD. I found many but knew when I found Arden Country Kennels my search was over. Luckily there was 1 puppy left from a litter of 12 and she was going to be ours. Sue answered all of our questions candidly and made certain we were the right parents for her beautiful puppy. Being over 2500 Km's away we didn't even meet our Jessie until she arrived on a flight. Sue handled everything and within 3 days our pup was on the way. Jessie has been more than we ever imagined. Joining me from the first day in my business, customers are totally in awe of her. She is so well behaved, gentle, smart & responsive. Last week at 6 Months old we took her to the vet just to establish a relationship. The vet was so taken with her beauty and temperament. She reported she was in fabulous shape and one of the most beautiful GSD she had ever seen. I have had both phone conversations & emails with Sue with since Jessie's arrival and she is always graciously available to chat long after a puppy leaves their home. I would recommend Arden Country Kennels whole heartedly and without any reservation for anyone considering owning a GSD." 
Catherine Arsenault
March, 30th 2017: My husband and I purchased a German Shepherd puppy from a litter that was born on December 13, 2016. We were able to visit  Arden Country Kennels prior to the litter even being conceived, and were able to meet Susan and her beautiful German Shepherd females. We were so impressed with the quality, health and pedigree of her dogs that we immediately put down a deposit for one of the pups. Throughout the whole experience, Susan was incredibly professional, keeping us informed along the way of the progress of the pregnancy, finally calling us when the puppies were born. Our new puppy is healthy, has an incredible temperament, is easily trained and incredibly intelligent. When we walk down the street with him, people cannot believe how beautiful and friendly he is. He is an excellently-bred and well-rounded German Shepherd dog. Susan is also available for us whenever we have any questions and for life-time support . We would highly recommend Arden Country Kennels to anyone looking for a well-bred German Shepherd dog and a professionally and ethically run breeder.
Brenda Henderson
February, 13th 2017: Once we decided on a German Shepherd, we checked out numerous breeders and although Arden Country Kennels was the farthest away - it was more than worth the drive! We couldn't be happier with our boy Jake. 10 months old now and he's an amazing family member - super affectionate , smart and sweet and oh so handsome! Thank you!
Jennifer Nicholson
January, 3rd 2017: Hi Sue. First off I have to thank you. He is perfect. We all love him very much. And he loves us. He is so good with our son Teagin. He has a knowledge about people and other animals and how each individual needs him to respond. He is gentle and calm with older animals/people that aren't well, but knows who to be playful with. Our vet has said he is amazing. She says it's rare to see such a calm confident puppy. We did manage to get in a puppy class. The instructor used him to show the others the commands. She told us he is incredibly laid back. We have been thinking he will make an excellent therapy dog! People are drawn to him where ever we go and he responds perfectly to them. He is well know at the pet store here. Today they were trying to give him the welcomer job. He has a shepherd friend down the road from us and one we met in class. He plays totally different with them than other dogs. He loves the snow and cold and water. Our vet says he is going to be a very BIG boy.  He had a blast Christmas day. Loves opening presents.Thanks again ,Jen, Tolsen and the rest of the Nicholson family 
Craig Campbell
October, 15th 2016: Just a quick update Sue to tell you how great Angus is doing. We have him in obedience and recently scenting and tracking. He's absolutely amazing in the scenting and tracking. The obedience, he does well at but is still very young at 6 1/2 months but learns very quick.  We've had him at camp every weekend and loves it. Not a big swimmer but one day Karen was in the water and he wouldn't go in so she dove under the water, Angus ran off the shore like a bullet to go after her. When he came up he had her arm in his mouth and pulling her towards the shore. He is truly an amazing dog!! We love him to death. Your dogs are second to none. He's great with kids, people, and all dogs that he's around. We get so many compliments on him. He's an absolutely beautiful dog!!
Meaghan Flannigan
June 14th, 2016: Sue was excellent to work with! She kept us updated, helped in anyway and gave us the best advice! We've had Ace for four months (he's almost 6 months) and we couldn't ask for a better pup.Thank you Arden Kennels
Emily Mackie
June 12th, 2016: My puppy Avi is 10 months old now. I would recommend Arden Kennels to anyone with a loving home for a new dog. Sue is so knowledgable and ethical as a breeder. She was amazing to deal with when purchasing Avi and has since provided so much advice to me as I have raised Avi (my first dog). Always willing to pick up the phone and answer my questions, Sue goes above and beyond in caring for the puppies she breeds long after they are homed. Avi is a beautiful dog and is praised by everyone she meets for her looks, good nature and gentle personality. I can not believe how easy it has been to train her and how smart and loyal she is. Avi took a little vacation back to Arden Kennels last January while I was away in Mexico. Knowing Avi was boarding in the care of Sue and getting to play with her mom and some new puppies all week left me completely at ease. Im so happy I chose Arden Kennels and would make the same choice again.
Sarah Kennedy
March 18th, 2016: Sue is a wonderful and ethical breeder! Our pup is 10 months now and she's a great family pet. She loves the cat, children and other dogs and she's very affectionate, smart and driven. Also, she's GORGEOUS. We get so many compliments on her good looks and amazing temperament!
Denise and Andy Beauchesne
November 4th, 2015: We had been looking for a great breeder and found Arden Country Kennels.  We met with Sue in July and were able to meet Misty, who was expecting puppies in August.  Misty was an incredible, intelligent, and well-mannered dog.  Sue provided excellent knowledge on German Shepherds and was easily able to answer all of our questions.  We decided to put a deposit on one of Misty's puppies.  Sue kept us informed by sending us emails and photos of the puppies after they were born. We returned to visit the puppies in September, and took our female puppy, Macy, home on October 14.  Macy is a great puppy and quickly has become attached to our family.  She is excellent with our children, very calm, smart, and has been easy to train.  We would recommend Arden Kennels to anyone wanting a quality German Shepherd puppy.  Sue's knowledge and expertise has been a great asset.
Jennifer Thibodeau
August 23rd, 2015: We were looking for a German shepherd puppy when found Arden Country Kennels. We visited the same day, for a couple of hours and we received tones of information on the breed and the kennel from Sue. We signed a contract for our new pup. While there we saw a 6 month old puppy. My boyfriend and I watched the pup running around and immediately decided we wanted him. We took him home and our kids were ecstatic. We had a most amazing experience while purchasing our Dexter. We were so happy. I have never met such gentle well-bred shepherds. He is the friendliest dog you could ever meet. He is well mannered and extremely smart. You cannot fool this dog twice. Whenever we had a concern about anything we just called Sue and she was there to help us and give us information. We could not be happier with Arden Country Kennels and would recommend them to anyone.
Colette and Scott Kelso
February 1st, 2014: We contacted Sue in winter 2013 to inquire about her next available litter. From that initial contact we knew Sue was the breeder for us...she was knowledgable and helpful ...but what stood out most...was Sue cared if we were aware of the breed and if we had a home and lifestyle suitable for her dog. Karma was born in May 2013 and came to us in July. After her birth, Sue welcomed us to visit her as much as we needed. When Karma moved into our home she came healthy, confidently and house trained...big bonus! Karma is now 8 months old and truly a great member of our family. She is so attentive, bright, loyal and eager to do the right thing always. Training Karma has been something we have taken very seriously and she has excelled. Her intelligence is remarkable to us and her heart is kind and gentle. We are very thankful for Sue's help, expertise and continued interest in Karma's well being. We highly recommend Arden Kennels.
Joseph Bruyere
April 14th, 2015: Found your site while browzing for dogs.I used to have a shepherd many years ago.He was quite a lovely dog.Good disposition and temperament.Easy to train.Had to move and gave him to a great family near Osgood.When I decide about getting a dog.I will come by for a visit and take it from there.Great kennel and great dogs.Continue breeding great dogs. Best regards.
Caroline & Aaron
November 18th, 2013: We wanted to find an ethical and reputable breeder and we are so glad we found you. We are grateful for your knowledge and your dedication, thank you for answering all of our questions so thoroughly. We simply cannot wait to meet our puppy!
Brock & Sam
September 2nd, 2013: Good morning Sue, Bane has been doing extremely well adjusting to his new home. His training is coming along very well. Bane has learned to sit, down, and we are working on stay and come. He walks very well for both Sam and I. He does not pull,and is learning to sit right beside us on the left side whenever we stop or are about to cross the road. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. We get many comments on how cute and beautiful he looks. We couldn't agree more. Thank you again so much for everything. Brock & Sam
Claude Denis
March 12th, 2013: Hi Sue, Whiskey is now 7 months old and is doing really good. I take him for walks every day and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that remark how beautiful he is and how well he behaves. I don’t even use a leash any more I have taught him to walk beside me. Training him was quite easy it didn’t take long at all to for him to ask for the door when he wanted to go to the bathroom. As you know Debbie runs a daycare at home and he is really good with all the kids even when their pulling or tugging on him. The last few days he has started on his own protecting the house if someone walks by and seems sketchy his hair stands up and he starts barking. I must say am I extremely happy I decided to buy Whiskey from you it shows that he comes from very good blood lines.
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