Tina Whitman
June 17, 2010 : Just wanted to clear up any doubts that you may be feeling about whether to board your dogs at Arden Kennels. I have boarded 3 of my dogs over the years with Sue. I don't think that I have met anyone who truly enjoys dogs more than her. Sue is very knowledgeable and experienced with handling many different breeds.My third dog is one of Sue's German Shepherd puppies. Zoe is now 8 years old and is not just a beauty but has a lovely temperament. So give Arden Kennels a try, I don't think that you will be disappointed.
Helen Joseph
August 30th, 2014: We had an excellent experience when we recently boarded our West Highland Terrier, Molly, at Arden Kennels. It is evident that Sue is quite knowledgeable about dogs, including Westies, and we were very comfortable leaving Molly for almost two weeks. The kennel is family operated and caters to a smaller number of dogs providing them with long walks on their farm property. It was reassuring to know that Molly was well looked after, and we’ll be back!
July 13, 2012 : A couple of years ago, my children and I began our search to leave Tessa for the first time ever. My son was very particular on where she should go. Sue, encouraged us to visit, and spent time with our family. We knew this was the place. Sue is respectful, caring, and knowledgeable. Although there are at least four kennels close to us, we drive just about an hour to place Tessa at Arden Kennels. I hope this explains the level of care our dog is given. Fantastic place!!
J. Marchand
July 11, 2012 : I have used this kennels services for the first time this month...and I am extremely happy with the reception we had bringing in my dog Nim and felt very confortable with Sue. When I left Nim, I felt that she was in great hands....and as it turned out she was :) Upon pick-up Sue told us all about Nim's stay and different activities. The stalls were the dogs stay are extremely clean, in a nut shell this Kennel is my number One choice :)
F. Fraser
May 20, 2012 : "Honey' our darling little "mixed mutt" baby came to us at four months and we were her FOURTH owner. She has been with us ever since. Honey relates well to other dogs but not to other people. She is not mean or anything but she has just sworn off other folks and mostly wants nothing to do with them. So it was with trepidation that we handed her over to Sue for a week-end in 2010.. That visit went so well I left her for a week in Oct. 2011. I noticed Honey liked the place- One just gets a feel from one's dog how the boarding went and I could tell she was taking home good souvenirs and she was absolutely very well cared for. . And now in May 2012 we left Honey with Susan for a whole 2 weeks.When Honey and I arrived Honey"knew' the place and ran around the yard sniffing all the wonderful sniffs of the moment.Susan (and Henry) are just outstanding in their field. Honey was not simply a number-she was " loving family" for those 2 weeks. She was given affection and reassurance(which Honey is most in need off) cared for,walked, talked to, let play in the big fenced in play-yard.Arden Kennels lives up to all their web-site statements and more. Congratulations to both Susan and Henry for running such a Top Notch Kennel. Highly recommended.
W. Jackson
March 26, 2012 : Maggie and I have been together for 12 years now and, like most, I feel a sense of discomfort and guilt when I drop her off at a kennel. Now that I've met Sue and "vacationed" Maggie at Arden Kennels I really don't give my time away much of a second thought... well, aside from missing my puppy of course.Sue's sincere love /affection for the dogs, the small number she'll accept, the great facility she's built and maintains and the lovely location makes leaving my girl with her well worth the drive from Ottawa. When I left her for a week in December, I returned to a happy, content dog... I actually felt guilty for dragging Maggie back to the city.
Steven Willett
July 31, 2011 : An excellent service provided! Sue and her family are very professional, experienced, and have an obvious passion and love for what they do. They genuinely care about the dogs they are boarding, and cater to the unique needs of each individual animal. The facilities are wonderful- set very far back from the road, in the middle of the country- spacious, clean kennels and a huge shaded dog run outside. The property is enormous, with lots of places to walk the dogs. My boys really enjoyed their stay, and I will definitely be returning in the future. Great service, at a great price. I will definitely be recommending this place to all my friends and family, thank you Sue.
Cheryll K
November 29, 2010 : I was so impressed with our experience at Arden Country Kennels from start to finish! The facility is clean and modern and located in a beautiful country setting. The owner, Susan Obermoser made us comfortable and set our minds at ease from beginning to end. Susan's love of dogs was evident from the moment my dog got out of the car. She immediately connected with him and I was able to relax about leaving him while I was away. Her passion to provide dogs with a safe, healthy and happy experience is genuine. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this kennel. Thank you Susan for your caring and compassion!!
Patrick Pentland
November 30, 2010 : I love the personal touches,and care for my Rocky. Sue really adds that special touch.
Kim Verronneau
July 1, 2010 : I love this kennel and the owner, Susan Obermoser. She is very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs and their behaviour. I feel very comfortable leaving my dog with her and I highly recommend that you do the same.
Laura & Darren Lobb
May 12, 2010 : We first met Sue a couple of years ago, after being referred to Arden Kennels by an acquaintance. Our animals are to kennels as our children are to daycare. Not all caregivers have the passion for the job that they do. At our first meeting, I couldn't believe how relaxed the atmosphere was. It was just like home! The kennels were clean and inviting. Kloe and Meischa loved the "doggie couch" in the kennel office, and completely covered Sue in kisses, slobbers and licks!! I couldn't believe that Sue got down on the couch with them and was so kind and gentle with them. Arden Kennels was an instant hit! After that, we kenneled "our girls" together several times; each time knowing that there were no worries. We only have Kloe now. We still board her there and frequently I take her to run and play with her friend Cleo. We have referred many of our friends to Arden Kennels, who are now clients. I would recommend Arden Kennels to anyone who is looking for not just a kennel, but a "home away from home"! .
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